About Atomic

Atomic Industry is an Austin, TX based digital media company focused on empowering people through community. We build them. We feed them. We make them happy.

We Build Them
OurĀ communities are built around solid and simple design principles. We build web products that are easy to use, simple to understand, and quick to work. We pay an incredible amount of attention to the details and overall customer experience in order to create products that do more with less… Simple tools that get the job done and then get out of the user’s way.

We Feed Them
Honest content, traditional editorial, and focused moderation make our properties the most efficient libraries in their segments. More than that, our communities create lasting relationships between people and our properties as well as between people and brands.

We Make Them Happy
First and foremost, our customer is our reader. Our first priority is to create valuable communities that serve a vertical. Our second priority is to helpĀ sponsors connect with the community efficiently and to the benefit of all sides.